Parent Testimonials


I was very hesitant about moving my daughter from her current nursery to Old Basing Village Nursery. I was moving from a well established nursery in its own private setting to something that was new and unknown in the local village hall. Fast forward 3 months and I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done. I wish it was there when my first daughter needed preschool. The owlets room is set up and designed for 2 years olds who need that smaller, more secure environment with the preschool being just next door and ready for whenever it was appropriate for my daughter to move.

The main thing that stands out for me is the passion and vision of the staff. It can be hard to make a decision about a new environment that doesn't have a long standing reputation. What is clear right from the start is the desire, drive, ambition and commitment to want to make it the best place for children, there is no complacency, there is variety, and a genuine love for what they do. The children learn mindfulness, they have structured outdoor play, I get the best updates on a daily basis via and app that I can look a in my own time, Its like a mini Facebook for the nursery. My little girl comes out every day with a smile on her face and actually asks me why she is not there on a Saturday. I am so happy I made the decision to move her. There is not a singe doubt in my my that she she gets the love and support that she needs when I am at work.
I feel very lucky to have this on my doorstep.

Victoria and all of her team at Old Basing Village Nursery are beyond fantastic!

They have always cared and taken an interest in my daughter since day 1. We have been with them since December 2018 and cannot find a fault. They show dedication, love and my daughter is so happy to be there. They create a lovely, fun and warm environment for all of the children. Everyday is different and jam packed with educational and fun activities, not to mention being set in gorgeous grounds. I absolutely love the famly app they use that keeps me up to date with what they get up to each day. I'll be forever appreciative of their care and support during my little ones pre school years. We will miss nursery so much when it's time to leave for big girl school. Thank you so much for all that you do.



My son has been here for nearly a year now and absolutely loves it. The staff are so friendly as well as attentive to his needs. The facilities are brilliant, do not be put off because it is in the village hall. The nursery Owner has spend so much time and effort on the garden play area. The children have weekly wildchild, music and mindfulness sessions. Everyday is a great experience.

We can't recommend Old Basing Village Nursery enough! The staff are amazing, our son has settled in better than we could have hoped and he clearly loves his time there and has made lovely bonds with the staff. The village location, warm welcome, daily activities, feedback and photos along with the brilliant outdoor play areas are second to none.



Old Basing Village Nursery School is a setting above and beyond one i have seen before. This nursery has a group of experienced, motivated and friendly staff who know what they are doing and do a fantastic job, all run by a brilliant Management Team. The food is fantastic, the development and activities are varied and the communication tool they use is great ( i get to see photos every day!!). I can not express enough how good this nursery is. Knowing that my little boy is in great hands makes it bearable leaving him everyday and I can not thank Victoria, and her team, enough for creating the setting they have.

Our oldest started here when we moved to the village last year. As soon as we went to visit, we knew it was the right place for our little boy. Victoria's passion for creating a fun, imaginative and caring nursery school for children shone through, and it was great seeing the children happily playing. We have been really impressed with all the staff team, they are so friendly and delighted to see our boy each day he is there. We are pleased that our little girl will soon have the opportunity to join her older brother at OBVNS.



Our son loves being at Old Basing Village Nursery School and we have been so impressed with the energy, enthusiasm, organisation and expertise that the staff bring to the environment. It has vastly exceeded our expectations and we particularly love how carefully the staff work on getting to know the children and helping them to grow and to learn in a way that allows them to fully enjoy these exciting early years of their lives. The indoor and outdoor facilities, meals and wide range of activities are also excellent. The staff clearly view this as more than just a job and we are so grateful for everything they do.

I highly recommend Old Basing Village Nursery School. My son has been attending since it first opened in September 2018. He was one of the very youngest when he started and previously he'd only been with our lovely childminder. He settled in really well and loves going. The facilities are great. Hot lunches are provided. There are 'Wild Child' and 'Singers and Shakers' sessions etc. An app gives brilliant updates, information and photos of what my son's been up to each day. But for me, it's the staff who really make the nursery such a special place. They are well qualified (some are former primary school teachers) and all are so warm, friendly, kind and patient. You can see they love being with the children. And the children clearly love being with them. I feel completely confident my son is safe, well and happy whenever he's there.