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OBVNS Uniform

A sense of shared identity and belonging!

Our compulsory school uniform is robust, washes well, and helps the children to feel part of the OBVNS family. It also forms part of our safeguarding policy for ensuring children are easily identifiable during local walks and trips to the park. 

At Old Basing Village Nursery School, we believe wearing a uniform signifies an important milestone in a child's journey, showing their belonging to a setting, and prepares them for the future where uniforms might become a part of their day-to-day routine. 


In general, we ask that our Nestlings wear our T-shirts and jumpers, and our Owlets, Little Owls and Fledglings wear our Polo shirts and jumpers. 

A uniform instils a feeling of belonging and pride in little ones. It also helps them identify with others within the nursery school setting, bringing with it a sense of familiarity.



By children all wearing the same uniform, we help to reduce the inequalities between those wearing expensive or branded clothing to those who don’t. We have plenty of opportunities for dressing-up during the nursery school week - allow children of all ages to choose what to wear and express themselves through different clothing choices.

Addressing Inequalities

Reading and learning at Nursery

Introducing children to uniforms early on establishes a routine that eases their transition to school life. This way, the shift to wearing uniforms when they start school won't feel like such a big change.

School Readiness

Toddlers eating lunch at Nursery

We have chosen our uniforms to be durable and robust (some of our children are wearing 5 year old hand-me downs). This means that our teams don't have to worry about clothing getting mucky or messy and our children can explore freely both inside and out without the fear of damaging a favourite item of clothing. It's also much easier to manage the washing for the week!


Interative learning at Nursery School

We ask that you limit the amount of personal belongings being sent into the nursery setting but please ensure any items you do sent in are clearly labelled with your child’s first and last name.

As part of our nursery school offer we provide the following items for all children:

  • Woollen hat

  • Sunhat

  • Waterproof trousers

  • Individual changing mat / nappy roll organiser (for those who aren’t potty trained)

  • Spare clothing for accidents (please ensure these are washed and returned as soon as possible)

  • Suncream (for top up applications during the day)

  • Emergency Paracetamol (please send any required medication to your child’s key worker who will complete a medication permission form and discuss how it is administered).

These items make transition between indoors and outside easier and limit the amount of additional items coming into nursery school each day. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather that day (e.g. wellies when raining and apply sunscreen in the morning when hot).

OBVNS uniform at Skoolkit 

Our nursery uniform is available to purchase through Skoolkit, either online or in the Basingstoke branch (Church Street)

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