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The Nursery Community

At Old Basing Village Nursery school, we take great pride in being an integral part of our local community and cherish the natural beauty of our village surroundings.

Our little explorers get to experience the wonders of Oliver's Battery during our regular walks, visit the ducks at Barton's Mill, and embrace the spirit of our local church visits. We believe in fostering an appreciation for the world around them in every child we nurture.

With increasing amounts of children accessing early years places, enrichment is important to use and we consider carefully some of the extra opportunities we offer our children and perhaps some of those activities that we would all love to be able to offer them at home but for a number of reasons are not able to..

Wildchild and Cooking with Karen

Our little ones adore our weekly Wildchild and Cooking With Karen sessions, both guided by friends within the community. In our Wildchild sessions, local ecologist Angela Simmonds brings the local environment to life for the kids. Through carefully planned sessions that run with the seasons our little ones learn themes surrounding plants, animals and sustainability fostering an appreciation of our natural environment and instilling a desire to protect our planet.

More of the local businesses we support

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Wherever possible we try and use local businesses across Basingstoke and Hampshire. As a small business ourselves we know the importance of supporting local businesses. If you are a local business, charity or sole trader and think you may have a service or product to offer or a similar opportunity to collaborate please do not hesitate to contact us.

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