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Our Values & Ethos

Building a ‘home from home’ setting where exploration, discovery, and talent are nurtured and developed through inspired, dedicated, and passionate teaching.

Growing Together

Our vision for high quality, meaningful purposeful learning is supported by a ‘make it happen’ approach. We encourage our team to think beyond the remit of an ordinary day and consider ways in which to genuinely enrich learning. We love the opportunity to try something new, push boundaries for exploration - for example trying new foods or activities. At the same time, we remain grounded by asking ourselves what are we doing and why if we aren't able to answer that simple question it means the activity or experience lacks purpose and that is where we, as practitioners are also able to learn and develop. 

Our child-centred approach places the child at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our highly reflective practices, strong parent partnerships, and an ever-evolving environment that adapts to each child's unique needs. Alongside our vision lies our goal of instilling confidence, courage, and curiosity to help shape a bright future for our little ones, together as an extended branch of their family. Your little one will spend a considerate amount of time in our care and it is therefore vital that we build strong bonds with children and their families. 


Caring deeply and fueled by passion, we are knowledgeable and reflective, striving for excellence in all that we do.


As an essential extension of the family unit, we play a strong, supportive, and invaluable role in a child's early years.


We deeply value every member of our staff team, investing in their growth and igniting their passion to inspire young minds in return.


Committed to continuous learning and improvement to become experts in childcare and development.


We collaborate with a results-focused approach to foster and empower every child for a bright future.

Your child is at the heart of all we do - that’s why we pride ourselves on our highly reflective approach in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, parent partnerships and a well-considered, ever-evolving environment.

An Extension of The Family

At the heart of our values lies the significance of parent partnerships. We actively encourage parents and carers to engage in nursery life, fostering a deep understanding of their child's progress and development within our home-from-home daycare environment.

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